The Department of Multimedia Communication faces changes to curriculum

Simpson’s Department of Multimedia Communication’s curriculum will enter into the 2022-2023 school year with a new makeover.

Three communications studies courses will be changing their number scheme: Media & PR Writing will change from COMM 211 to COMM 111, Media Law and Ethics will change from COMM 301 to COMM 271, and U.S. Media History will change from COMM 351 to COMM 251.

These changes will be effective on Tuesday, March 29th—Simpson’s first day of registration for fall 2022 courses.

Departmental course renumbering is a by-product of Simpson’s new core curriculum. Simpson is phasing out of the Engaged Citizenship Curriculum (ECC), which requires students to obtain seven Areas of Engagement and Embedded Skills through various courses. The new system has introduced new categories and is organized where only 100 and 200-level courses count toward the core, as opposed to the previous ECC.

The reasoning behind why the those three specific COMM courses were changed is a combination of the new core’s organization and faculty input.

One course in particular, Media & PR Writing, will be renumbered as a lower level class and act as a pre-requisite for first year students looking to take COMM 155, or Professional Skills Practicum. Seeing how COMM 155 is a hands-on course immersing students in Simpson Student Media (i.e. The Simpsonian, ID Magazine, KSTM Radio, and SCTV), it makes sense that students should take a course about the fundamentals of news writing, news judgement, and news gathering first.

Despite these considerable changes, Associate Professor of Multimedia Communications Mark Siebert feels the course renumbering is reasonable, especially now that students must now transition from Media & PR writing into working with Simpson Student Media, which Siebert is the faculty director for.

“We needed to change course numbers so we could adjust to Simpson’s new curriculum,” Siebert said. “We also decided we should make the old Media and PR Writing from COMM 211 to 111 since it didn’t make sense to have a higher numbered course as a prerequisite for a lower numbered course, which is COMM 155 or Practicum.”

Students with questions about what these changes could mean for their registration should contact their advisors or call the Office of the Registrar at 515-961-1642.

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