#TuesdayTips – Taking Stats with Morgan Flynn

Junior Morgan Flynn

If you’re considering a career in sports communications or sports information, it’s imperative that you become a pro at taking stats and/or reporting on athletic events.

Some sports move fast, so keeping track of stats while noting game-changing plays can get stressful for beginners.

Junior Morgan Flynn is the Sports Editor for The Simpsonian; she’s reported on her fair share of athletic events. She’s also become skilled at taking stats and recording sports information as the Home Events Undergraduate Assistant for Simpson Athletics. Here are a few of her tips on taking stats and reporting on athletics:

Do your Research

“Do some pre-game research on the teams, leading scorers, highest batting percentage, etc.,” Flynn said.

The Early Bird gets the Worm

“Get to the game early to settle in and prepare,” Flynn said.

Familiarize Yourself with the Game

“Understand the sport you’re covering,” Flynn said. “If you have to cover something that you’re less familiar with, don’t be afraid to use your resources like online stats or the sports communication staff.”

Find your Routine

“Develop your own stat keeping system that works for you,” Flynn said.

Consider the Whole Game

“Stats don’t lie–but it’s not all about stats,” Flynn said. “Keep an eye out for good plays/overall performances.”

Know your Readers

“If you’re going to use stats in an article, make sure people understand and care about what that means for a team or player,” Flynn said.

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