Simpson Student Media gets into the Halloween Spirit

The Simpsonian, Simpson College’s student-run newspaper, has undergone a Halloween-themed makeover for this week’s edition.

The publication’s title for this week is “The Scarysonian”; the edition features nine stories tailored to the Halloween season.

“We wanted something fun and lighthearted to brighten readers spirits,” Editor-in-Chief Amelia Schafer said. “It’s been a very stressful past two years and making a fun and cute theme for the article hopefully helped to lift students spirits.”

*AGE* staff reporter Max Bertrand made a DIY Halloween costumes listicle, and senior News Editor Jordyn Wilson wrote Halloween costume-themed horoscopes (or, in this week’s case, “Horrorscopes”).

*AGE* staff reporter Caleb Geer wrote a recap of Simpson’s Homecoming, which was Halloween themed. *AGE* staff reporter Jenna Prather wrote an article reflecting on the absence of Safe Block, a longstanding trick-or-treating tradition at Simpson College that has discontinued due to the continuing effects of COVID-19.

Simpson Student Media had somewhat of a ghostly pattern–The Scarysonian included two articles about ghosts with an accompanying SCTV video package about ghost stories at Simpson College.

Schafer wrote a feature story about the history behind campus’ fabled Millie the ghost. Schafer details the life and legacy of Mildred Lola Hedges, a 1935 Simpson student who tragically fell to her death in College Hall at the age of 22. There have been numerous accounts of her spirit lingering on campus, some of which are supported by famous paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren, who investigated her presence in College Hall in 1979. You can read more about Hedges and her life below.

Junior staff reporter Morgan Parrish’s followed up Schafer’s feature with an article detailing students’ paranormal experiences on campus, which is coupled with junior Video Editor Sophie Reese’s video package on the same topic. You can watch it below.

Junior Feature Editor Paul Hyatt wrote an opinion article about horror movies, and senior Layout Editor Bailey Earls wrote a review on the new “Halloween Kills” movie.

The Halloween spirit didn’t end with The Scarysonian.

SCTV’s anchors, senior Liv Allen and junior Ethan Humble, both sported a Halloween costume during this week’s newscast. The episode also featured a video package about what Simpson students are doing to celebrate Halloween.

You can watch the spooky newscast on The Simpsonian’s Youtube channel, which is linked below.

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