Simpson’s Department of Multimedia Communications welcomes new curriculum

Simpson’s Multimedia Communications Department is saying out with the old and in with the new.  

Professor and Chair of Multimedia Communication Brian Steffen sent out a package of proposals to the Chair of Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee on Sept. 28, 2020.  

The changes include the deletion of a number of courses the department can no longer offer regularly due to recent staffing cuts, specifically Comm 157, 220, 256, 271, 361, and 365. 

The faculty replaced a number of major-specific capstones with a new, department-wide capstone course.  

This broader capstone–Comm 363: Multimedia Communication Seminar–would replace Comm 361 for Multimedia Journalism and Sports Communications, Comm 365 for Marketing Communications, and INMD 380 for Interactive Media.  

The EPCC approved the decision on Nov. 11, 2020, and all changes to the capstone are in effect for this year’s graduating class.  

Associate Professor of Multimedia Communication and Division Head for Business Administration and Multimedia Communication Lisa Carponelli said these changes will provide multimedia communications students with a much more culminating experience in their capstones. 

“We’re a pretty nimble group of faculty. Our discipline is dynamic and has to change and adapt to market conditions,” Carponelli said. “We want to provide the best education possible for those who study the major in order to be successful when they leave.” 

Senior Noah Sacco is planning to kickstart SCTV — Simpson College Television — as a weekly broadcast program for the Simpson community for his capstone project.  

“I’m extremely excited to bring SCTV to the Simpson student body for a number of reasons. This weekly student-run newscast will be something our campus has never had before and will serve as a way to compete with other schools in the conference who already have a dedicated broadcast news outlet,” Sacco said.  

The freedom Sacco has with the new, broader capstone will allow him to develop Simpson Student Media in addition to his own personal skills. 

“The vision of SCTV was to become another arm of Simpson Student Media not only for this year, but for years to come. A student-run tv station is something every college campus should have, and SCTV will fill that void,” he said.  

The Department of Multimedia Communication at Simpson has given Sacco numerous opportunities to better prepare himself for his career post-graduation; he is looking to make his capstone project serve the same purpose.  

“Coming off my two internships with the sports teams at Local 5 and Channel 13 in Des Moines, I believe I have the skills and knowledge to build this campus broadcast from the ground up,” he said.  “Most importantly, this endeavor will provide a real-world experience of broadcast journalism and will prepare me well for a career in the broadcast media industry.”  

To learn more about the new Comm 363, visit: 

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