Simpson Multimedia Communicatons Department hosts virtual Academic Explore Series

The Department of Multimedia Communications hosted an event on Zoom for prospective students looking to study the field of communication as part of Simpson’s Explore Simpson Academics series.

Assistant Director of Admissions Jeremy Johnson introduced the event before handing it over to Chair and Professor of Multimedia Communications Brian Steffen, who introduced a presentation on the department.

Steffen gave a brief description on the three main programs of the department: Multimedia Journalism, Marketing Communications, and Sports Communications.

The other faculty members of the department who introduced themselves next were Lisa Carponelli, Associate Professor of Multimedia Communication and Division Head for Business Administration and Multimedia Communication, Mark Siebert, Associate Professor of Multimedia Communications and Director of Simpson Student Media, and Deano Pape, Assistant Director of Speech and Debate.

The presentation described the various learning objectives of multimedia communications, study abroad opportunities, internship opportunities, and featured three current students from the department: junior Liv Allen, junior Seth Howard, and senior Corinne Thomas.

The students introduced themselves and gave a testimony on their experience studying multimedia communications at Simpson College.

Johnson took over the presentation and gave an outline of the admissions process at Simpson.

The event ended with a Q & A session in which attendees asked the faculty members and students various questions about the department or Simpson, like what the current students’ favorite classes were and when they must declare a major.

You can view the Explore Simpson Series at

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