#TuesdayTips – How to cover sports with Jake Brend

Sophomore Jake Brend is the Sports Editor for The Simpsonian, Simpson’s student-run newspaper. Brend has covered his fair share of athletic events, ranging from football to tennis and everything in between. Here are a few of his tips for covering a sporting event:

Come prepared

Know all the players, coaches, important stats and rules of the sport you’re covering.

Don’t be biased

You’re a reporter, not a fan! 

Take great notes

When writing a recap, you won’t be able to remember every detail, so these will always help.

Write out questions

When interviewing players and coaches you don’t want to stutter, it takes away from the question, so have it written down!

Work smart (and fast)

Get recaps, pictures and stats out as soon possible, but be sure to triple check that everything is perfect. Releasing information fast is important, but not as important as releasing it right! 

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