Simpson Student Media presents SCTV with 2020 Presidential Election Coverage

The Simpson College Student Media staff before launching SCTV

Simpson College Student Media kickstarted their first broadcast program, SCTV, on Tuesday, Nov. 3, covering the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Simpsonian’s YouTube and Facebook accounts streamed the continuous coverage on Youtube and Facebook Live.

The live segments were approximately 15 to 25 minutes long and consisted of live updates on election results, interviews, field reporter coverage, political commentary, and comedic satire. The Simpsonian’s Feature Editor, Liv Allen, and Video Editor, Seth Howard, were the program’s anchors.

SCTV kicked off the night with an interview with Chair and Professor of Political Science Kedron Bardwell. They discussed a political survey constructed by his political research class to the student body that covered a number of issues, including the election COVID-19, immigration, social justice, etc. The survey also measured on-campus demographics.

Colbee Cunningham, a staff reporter for The Simpsonian, interviewed Professor and Assistant Chair of Political Science Adrienne Gathman about how the presidency and campaigning elements have changed from 2016 to the current election.

KSTM Station Manager Noach Sacco took over for Allen and Howard on two key segments of the program, interviewing Culver Fellows Elise Sturgeon and Daniel Estrada on voter engagement in his first segment. Sacco’s second segment consisted of an interview with Pascasie Redhage, president of the Simpson Democrats, and Lizzy Adams, president of the Simpson Republicans, about the two presidential candidates.

Field reporters Matthew Marquez, Jake Brend, and Ethan Humble were featured throughout the program; Marquez reported from the Warren County Administration Precinct while Brend and Humble reported from Downtown Des Moines.

Allen and Howard offered up political commentary on results throughout the night, mixed with satirical comedy segments. Their most notable comedy segment was their reactions to several political memes that have been trending on social media during the 2020 election cycle.

Though a few technical difficulties disrupted the program, staff members of The Simpsonian felt their first broadcast of SCTV was a success.

“The election night coverage with SCTV was a very fun experience,” co-anchor Howard said. “Being able to talk to different people in the studio, like Kedron Bardwell, and hearing what an expert had to say, then being able to go live to field reporters was great. I’m glad that we were able to provide some entertainment on a very stressful night. Overall, it was a very good night.”

You can watch recordings of the SCTV 2020 Election Day program on The Simpsonian’s website or YouTube channel.

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