#TuesdayTips – How to take a good photo with Madison DePover

Senior Madison DePover is the Photo Editor for The Simpsonian and the Editor-in-Chief for ID Magazine, Simpson’s student-run newspaper and magazine. Photos play a crucial role in conveying the message of a story and engaging a reader. Here are some of her tips on how to take a good photo:

Shooting with rule of thirds in mind 

“The rule of thirds is where the eye is drawn to in a photo,” DePover said. “By putting a person or object on the points within a photo, it allows audience to have a focus point.”


Photo taken by DePover displaying the rule of thirds.

Faces in a Photo

“When you are taking a photo of a building, sports or activities, having a person’s face in the photo is what will draw the audience in,” DePover said. “Drawing the eye to a photo can help to draw a person in to look more at other aspects that come with a photo, like a gallery or a story.”

Be aware of your background

“The background of a photo is important because you do not want something to be distracting in the back of a photo,” DePover said. “You don’t want to have a pole coming out of someone’s head, or an object that does not fit the photo.”

Shoot everyday

“When working with photography, shooting often helps to understand more about your camera gear, what to put in a shot and what catches the eye,” DePover said. “Practicing will make improvements, if you are not shooting you will not get be able to get better.”

Holding a Camera

“Holding a camera incorrectly can affect a photo. Start with your right hand with the index finger on the shutter button, with other fingers on the grip and your thumb on the back of the camera for support. With the left hand you will support the rest of the camera by placing it under or around the lens, depending on the camera,” DePover said. “Keeping the camera close to your body and holding it with two hands will help keep the camera from shaking. To keep the camera steady, leaning against an object or standing with your feet shoulder-width apart can help.”

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