#TuesdayTips – How to Stay on Deadline with Alyssa Craven

Senior Alyssa Craven is this year’s Editor-in-Chief for The Simpsonian, Simpson College’s student-run newspaper. In her role, she must make sure staff reporters submit their articles on time. Here are some of her tips on how to stay on deadline:

Start Early

“I would probably start by making sure you start working on the story as soon as you are assigned it,” Craven said.

Write About Something You’re Interested In

“Try to write about something that you are passionate about so you are more invested in the article,” Craven said.

Set Your Own Personal Deadlines

“Lastly, set a deadline to have sources respond to you at least a couple days before the article’s deadline,” Craven said. “Make sure you send reminders to your sources and be persistent as your deadline approaches.”

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