Checking in with our May 2020 Graduates

BailleE Furst – Public relations & english

Baillee Furst is currently working for the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce as their Events and Marketing Communications Manager.

“There are so many ways the Simpson’s Multimedia Communications Department helped me reach my goals, both during college and post grad. The most evident was during my interview process with the WDM Chamber. Proximity is number one. Being so close to West Des Moines was a huge advantage to me, there were so many professionals I’d connected with from the area because of Simpson events, connections or alumni,” she said. “My time in with Simpson’s MultiComm Department taught me so many skills that are essential to my day-to-day life. From video production, photography, news release writing, and social media management, I have the MultiComm curriculum, Brian Steffen, Mark Siebert, Lisa Carponelli, and Jane Murphy to thank for instilling those skills in me. I’m thrilled to be working so close to the college, and I’m excited I get to continue working with Simpson on the professional side of things.”

Tanner Krueger – Sports communication

Tanner Krueger is currently the Graduate Assistant Football Coach at Wayne State College.

“Simpson’s Multimedia Communications Department allowed me to grow on an academic and social level to where I felt comfortable with what the world would bring at me. The department would develop my creative side which is what you need when you are joining a company in this career path,” he said. “Everyone is looking for new angles, and ideas on how to present their brand. In my case, I am helping develop a new era of a brand-new coaching staff at Wayne State College which Simpson helped me get to a position where I could succeed here.”

Hannah matt – interactive media

Hannah Matt is currently exploring freelance photography opportunities in Syracuse, New York.

“The Multimedia Communications department helped me realize my passions in life by exposing me to a variety of mediums. With our given assignments, I felt challenged to do my work right and to do it well,” she said. “You can tell the professors want every student to succeed as they know and support every one. I know wherever I end up I will be prepared because of what I learned from them.”

GUNNar davis – multimedia journalism & sports communications

Gunnar Davis is currently working at the Globe Gazette in Mason City, Iowa as a sports and education reporter. He is also writing for, which is a prominent Packers blogging site.

“Simpson College has done more than enough to prepare me for the job I’m at today. With how stressful last school year was with the caucuses, campus incidents and COVID-19, there’s very little this job can throw at me that I don’t feel comfortable doing,” he said. “Professors Steffen, Carponelli and Siebert were crucial in preparing students for life after college if you chose a job in the journalism industry. I’m thankful for my time with them and my time at Simpson College.”

Jonathan facio – multimedia journalism & graphic design

Jonathan Facio is currently exploring schools to pursue his Master’s Degree in Sports Product Design.

“Simpson has provided me with a lot of experience in both areas of my major, and I’m confident I can combine both my passion for graphic design and running during my career,” he said. “Simpson provided me with great connections to people in the field. I loved Lisa Carponelli, specifically.”

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