May Term: Media & Communications in Washington, D.C.

Photo by Diego Cambiaso via Creative Commons

Multimedia Communication students will be spending their May Term 2020 with media professionals and Simpson alumni with the Media and Communication in Washington D.C. course. 

Professor Brian Steffen will lead the students, most of them in their first and second years at Simpson, in an experience designed to show them what it’s like to live and work in the media in the nation’s capital. 

Students will spend the first part of May Term researching the school’s communication partners in Washington D.C. 

Then students will spend a week in Washington D.C., meeting with professionals in journalism, broadcasting, marketing communications, sport communications and more. 

The first full day in Washington D.C. is spent learning how to get around town. 

“The whole point of the first day is to get people used to living in Washington D.C. as opposed to just going on a vacation,” Steffen said. 

The last part of the course will be spent back in Indianola reflecting on the experience. “We usually have one or two class meetings during the third week of May Term to debrief what we learned,” Steffen said. 

Students interested must submit an application with a one-page essay explaining why they want to be a part of Media and Communication in Washington, D.C.

 “Before you write the essay, I would read the information sheet that tells you what we’re going to do there, and how that meets with your goals,” Steffen said. 

Essays should be turned in to Steffen by Oct. 21. 

A $100-dollar deposit check should be attached to applications. The total cost of the trip is $1,100. The deposit will be cashed immediately if the student is accepted into the course and returned if not. Students will pay the final $1,000 as part of their spring tuition.

The cost covers airfare, hotel, a Washington metro card, and one dinner. Students are responsible for their food and fun. 

“Generally, we try to stay in a hotel that has breakfast, so you don’t have to buy breakfast,” Steffen said. 

Evenings are exploring times for students. They are free to go where ever they want but the cost is on them. 

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