Simpson Students Studying Abroad in London

Study-abroad students and Siebert at the Putney Bridge tube (subway) stop.

Eight Simpson College students, along with Multimedia Communications Associate Professor Mark Siebert, are in London this fall to study at Roehampton University. 

The students studying abroad take a total of four courses. Two courses are Roehampton University classes, and the other two are taught by Professor Siebert. 

“Some of them take courses specifically for study-abroad students. Some of them take courses in their majors,” Siebert said. 

Students studying abroad are required to take a reflection course during their time abroad. “It’s how to get the most out of studying abroad,” Siebert said. 

Students reflect on differences in British culture comparing it with their American culture, and write travel stories about the places they have gone while in London. 

The second course students take with Siebert is about foreign correspondents. 

“I’ve made contact with the London bureau chief of the New York Times and some other folks,” Siebert said. “Hopefully we can visit with them and talk to them,” he added. 

Students are living in Roehampton residence halls. Simpson senior Ty Duve, a Multimedia Communications students who is in London with the program, said each floor share a kitchen and bathroom. 

 “I have my own little dorm room. It has a bed, dresser, closet, desk and sink,” she said. “Bathrooms are very similar to Barker and Kresge, a few stalls and showers. But it’s co-ed, which has taken some getting used to.”

Housing is just one of the adjustments Duve has had to make. She says the most difficult things so far is managing her money. The British pound currently is worth $1.23, which makes living in London 23 percent more expensive than in the United States. 

Duve says she had made many new friends, all from different countries. “I love talking to them and learning about how their childhood was different from mine,” Duve said. 

“I have travelled across the world and had to make all new friends. It has been scary but totally worth it,” Duve said, adding that her fellow British students and Roehampton staff have been helpful in her adjustment. 

 One of her favorite things about the trip so far is learning about the royal family and their history. 

Unlike in Iowa, where most students can get around in cars, Duve says she’s learned the ways of public transportation mostly by subway train and bus. 

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