#Tuesdaytips with InternQueen

Lauren Berger is the intern queen. The CEO and founder of both Careerqueen.com and Internqueen.com.

These two sites help people seeking internships and career opportunities to find successful placements which can help launch their professional futures.

Berger’s success led her to be featured on national television, land book releases and appear in 200+ commencement speeches. Her business expanded in the last few years, racking up over 30 major brands as clients.

Keep reading to learn Lauren’s best tips for scoring your first internship.

Do your research

Make a list of your dream companies. Give yourself options, but also be intentional and apply to internships you would actually want.


This is so important. People are busy and often see your email but forget to respond. Follow up and make sure the company knows how interested and excited you are about the opportunity. Don’t be afraid to follow up several times. Persistence is key!

Let’s talk experience

Don’t only talk about experience you have, but talk about what experience you want to gain from the internship. Most companies are looking for interns who are EAGER to learn and show excitement for the opportunity, not necessarily only students who have a ton of experience. Don’t underestimate yourself! You’ve got this.

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