Congratulations Graduates

As another year comes to a close, the department highlights some of our graduating seniors who will walk at commencement on May 4.

Morgan Frideres

Major: public relations
Minors: psychology and sociology

Some of my best memories happened during lay out for The Simp, even though it wasn’t always fun staying up past my bedtime. Watching funny YouTube videos while eating gummy worms and trying to copy edit and create a newspaper made for some late nights, but great friends and lots of laughs.”

Sarah Frey

Major: interactive media

“As a transfer student to Simpson in the Fall of 2017, I had a wonderful experience from start to finish with the Multimedia Communications Department. From advisors to professors, Simpson has given me all of the tools I need to become successful in all of my future endeavors.”

Zoe Seiler

Majors: multimedia journalism and political science
Minor: Spanish

“I found a picture frame at Goodwill one time that was of a Bible verse with an eagle and it was cross-stitched. On the back someone had signed it “Merry Christmas 1995” with their name. I, of course, had to buy it for Prof. Siebert since he loves eagles. I gave it to him in class for the Simpsonian and he laughed and said “I love eagles. I saw one today by the way.” He liked it and it’s on the shelf in his office.”

Hanna Beierle

Major: public relations

“My favorite memory would be when Brian Steffen lost half of our class in London on our way to a company during the MultiComm May Term. Additionally, the multimedia communications department has given me the tools to succeed in my internships and has instilled a passion for social media and communications in me. my confidence has grown immensely and I am confident in my abilities.”

Emily Parker

Major: public relations
Minor: psychology

” My favorite memory with the department is going to San Francisco and London for May Term freshman and sophomore year with Brian.”

Randy Paulson

Major: multimedia journalism and Spanish

“I think my favorite memory of being in this department is getting to bond with the editorial staff for the past two years every week in Gaumer while putting the print issue together. I began to attend layout sessions first as a copy editor, then news editor and eventually editor-in-chief. Even though several of those nights were long and stressful, I always had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone while also improving my skills in journalism.”

Taia Veren

Major: public relations
Minor: interactive media

“The department has given me many valuable and unique opportunities throughout my four years. My favorite memories include working with the C Street Agency team and my capstone group members!”

Emily Carey

Majors: multimedia journalism and theatre arts

“My favorite memory with the journalism department was acting as a photographer at the SC Protest my junior year. It was my first time covering breaking news and my first experience with live covering an event via social media. It was an exciting moment to be involved with, and rewarding to hear that people were actually following the protest coverage through my tweets and posts.”

Austin Hronich

Major: sports communication
Minor: interactive media

My favorite memory with the department was after my first communication class when Carponelli convinced me to switch my major. Additionally, something I’ve learned from the department is to never miss a deadline.”

Rosa Gude

Major: public relations and music
Minor: Spanish

“The opportunities I’ve had while in this department have shaped me into the professional I am today. I feel confident to go out there and be a reliable and informed employee of a company. I thank the professors for their dedication to the students and curriculum, which is a big part of my success at Simpson.”

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