#Tuesday Tips: Blake Carlson

Blake Carlson knows how to score a perfect summer internship.

With plenty of communications skills, the Simpson junior is ready to take on the corporate world with an internship at Principal Financial this summer as an employee communications intern.

Carlson provides us with his best tips on how to land your dream internship.

Know your elevator pitch.

Practice selling yourself in 60 seconds. Memorize it and be confident. This is always the first step in the interview process, if you can’t land this part your interviewer will likely check out.

Diversify your resume.

It’s more than just skills, what else have you done? Student leadership, volunteering, past experience in various sectors of the workforce.

Stay positive.

An interviewer is likely going to attempt to trick you into speaking poorly about a past employer or colleague. Remaining positive and not falling for this will display your maturity and professionalism as a young adult.

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