Independent Advocate Allows for Student Internship Success

Storytelling is an important art for multimedia journalism student Zoe Seiler – one she gets to explore while reporting for a professional news organization.

She writes for the Independent Advocate, a local news source started by Indianola resident and experienced reporter Amy Duncan. Launched in January, the online paper tells stories about the Indianola community.

“I want to tell stories about people who live and work in town,” Duncan said. It’s important for people to know what’s happening, so they can come together.”

Duncan’s goal is to highlight the community in each story, showcasing political issues, arts events and and area school activities.

Seiler said she enjoys the publication’s goal of featuring aspects of the community that other papers would not be able to.

“There will be stories where other organization’s reporters give basic details. Amy’s goal is to go deep while giving different points of view and digging into how people are affected,” Seiler said.

Duncan said she likes to tie Simpson into the mix, featuring stories on the college’s events.

“The online platform is a great way to reach younger viewers and pull in traffic to the site from Simpson families, bridging the gap between the college and the greater community,” Duncan said.

Interested in an internship with the Independent Advocate? Contact Amy Duncan at

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