Simpson Student Goes Big-Time with NCAA March Madness

Simpson junior Tanner Krueger had the opportunity to work at the NCAA March Madness tournament in Des Moines a few weeks ago.

Krueger was a media coordinator for the tournament and collected quotes and notes from coaches in the locker room. He said it was a new experience to interview people of this caliber.

“I remember my first question was to Tom Izzo, head coach for Michigan State,” Krueger said. ” I was nervous, so I definitely prepared for that interview. I took a ton of notes.”

Krueger said he found this opportunity through fellow student Austin Hronich. He said connections through Simpson are important.

“Your connections here [Simpson] set you up for opportunities elsewhere. It’s a big-time atmosphere. Me and Johanna Beierle were the only two students working the event.

The sports communications major said he found work like this to be a passion he’d like to continue.

“I thought I’d go into sales or marketing or something, but I found this to be more fun,” Krueger said.

Along with his football background, his internship experiences cultivated this passion.

“I’ve interned with the Iowa Barnstormers and do work-study with the athletic communications department, along with being a member of the football team,” Krueger said.

Krueger will continue his sports communication passion this summer, interning with the Urbandale School District for game operations.

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