#TuesdayTips: Coby Berg

Whether you’re going into social media marketing or journalism, good photography is a great skill to work into a resume or interview discussion.

Junior Coby Berg has plenty of experience with photography, taking photos for the Simpson Public Relations Office, The Simpsonian and as a part of the C Street Agency. Keep reading for his top tips to improve your photography skills.

Lighting. Learn about lighting your subject and how to adjust for different levels of light in the photo. The more light you have in a photo, the better the photo usually turns out. If you can by buy a speed light for a quick flash, that works great, but most of the time you can get away with just using natural light. You should also know how to adjust your camera settings for the level of light, and what you are shooting for. For example, I wouldn’t increase my aputure to keep a low shutter speed if I’m shooting subjects in action. Usually with moving events, you want a higher shutter speed. My rule of thumb for beginners is to first learn how to take a well-lit photo. Turn the aputure very low to let as much light in as possible, bring up the shutter speed and try to keep a low ISO. Mix all of that with a well lit scene, and it should make for an amazing photo.

Equipment. You don’t need anything super expensive. Any basic DSLR can produce amazing-looking photos. I first used a used Sony Alpha 200 and then worked my way up from there adding different lens and other accessories as I went along.

Get decent editing software. It doesn’t matter if you took a great photo if it’s not edited correctly. Edits don’t replace a good photo but they do enhance what is already there. Personally, I think Photoshop is pretty complicated and try to use it as little as possible unless I have to. I use Adobe Lightroom which is extremely simple. Any photo editing program will work in the end.

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