Student Spotlight: Gunnar Davis

Gunnar Davis has a passion for communications and sports – two things he brings together as a part of the Multicomm Department.

The football player brings his passion with sports to his internships and in the classroom. With all of his experience at Simpson and professionally, Davis says he is excited to see where his skills take him.

What are you majors/minors? Multimedia Communications major, Sports Communication minor.

What are you involved in on campus? Football, The Simpsonian, ID Magazine, KSTM radio.

What has been your favorite/most beneficial Multicomm class thus far? Beginning News-writing and Reporting with professor Siebert.

How do you think the Multicomm department has helped you in preparing for your future career? The department has been huge in preparing me for my future. All the professors have your best interest in mind, and have used their experiences to teach and show you what a future in journalism can look like. Also, the department has held me accountable and made sure that I’m doing everything I can, such as internships and the taking the right classes. I owe a lot to the department.

What internships have you held and what responsibilities did you have? I worked over the summer with the Newton Daily News covering summer sports. I took pictures, interviewed players and coaches and wrote stories. This spring I’m interning with the Iowa Barnstormers. I hold the media relations position. I do pre-game and post-game write-ups and other various writing for the team. So far it’s been great.

What do you plan to do after Simpson? Hopefully get a job! I’d like to be a sports writer somewhere. But I’m keeping an open mind and will try anything.

What has been your favorite memory at Simpson? We beat Wartburg in OT this season and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of. Winning Iowa’s best student newspaper for the second year in a row was great too. To be a small part of that means a lot to me.

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