#TuesdayTips: Ashley Dalsing

Need that extra push to get one step farther in your career planning? Simpson Multicomm alumna Ashley Dalsing comes to us this week to give tips to guide you in your future ambitions.

1. Find mentors—not just in your profession. This year I’ve made it a goal to find a mentor in different professions and from different companies. It’s important to know that not everyone has the “cookie-cutter” path to success. Also, it makes for good conversation, someone to help you advance and develop, connect you with opportunities you wouldn’t ever expect. Tip: research or know your mentors background and come with a set of questions you’re most curious about each time you meet. Also, don’t forget to send them a thank you note!

2. Passion projects are a must. If it weren’t for pursuing various passions outside of work, I wouldn’t of found different strengths or skills I had. Through a combination of volunteering, freelance and blogging outside of work I had the freedom to be creative and dive deeper into writing—from telling people’s stories, to all things health and well-being, it lead me to my current job switch (which I love!) in the content marketing world!

3. Always be a student. I am a firm believer that you should never stop learning. I am always finding new books to read on skills and strengths. Also, developmental books to help me improve on everything—even each of my weaknesses. Also, I am obsessed with podcasts. They are a great way to get various walks of experience, insight and inspiration every single day and for free!

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