Journalism Capstone Hopes to Promote Small-Town Iowa

Students in this semester’s Multimedia Journalism Senior Seminar are asking the question, “Is enough being done to save small-town Iowa?”

The students visited IowaWatch and the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism to visit with Executive Director Lyle Muller. They hoped to get a better idea of the future of small-town Iowa.

Students in the Multimedia Journalism capstone discuss their project with IowaWatch director Lyle Muller

Mark Siebert is the adviser for the capstone project.

“We hope that this project allows the students to show all of their multimedia journalism skills they’ve gathered from their four years at Simpson,” Siebert said.

Senior Taylor Bates says the project is a great portfolio addition and will help her with collaborative leadership skills.

“We will be learning how to ask tough questions and talking to a wide sources that can help bring the story together and creating a compelling story that an audience enjoys,” Bates said.

Senior Randy Paulson says he anticipates some challenges with the final project.

“I think we will face with this project will be finding a way to weave together the narratives of local people from small towns like Humeston with the more analytical information we report,” Paulson said.

Paulson said they are brainstorming ways to make the end result a cohesive format of video, photos and audio.

Siebert said the project will include all types of media and will be released to Iowa media outlets sometime in April.

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