Five Awesome Outlets for Getting Your News Fix

Students are always on the go and need news quickly. You don’t have time to flip around and find the most important news of the day. Luckily, many companies make reading the news easy with apps or daily newsletters delivered to your inbox.

Here are five sites that can help you read up on news quickly – whether on your way to class or in line for coffee.

The Skimm. This free subscription service is sent to your inbox every morning with brief updates of news in every category. The Skimm App also gives you access to audio episodes, weekly articles, news notifications and recommendations based off of your preferences, and all with a sassy, humorous touch.

LinkedIn Pulse. The career networking tool doesn’t just help you get a job. Their app helps you find trending news that caters to your specific tastes and allows you to receive breaking news notifications on your phone.

Need2Know. This site gives you news from the top sources, ranging from politics to celebrity news with some humor woven in. They like their news “over easy”.

Lenny Letter. This bi-weekly newsletter was co-created by Lena Dunham, star of HBO’s “Girls” with colleague Jenni Konner. It includes content ranging on a wide spectrum from feminism to politics.

New York Times. A classic. If you’re more into classic news sources like the NY Times, you can have morning and evening briefings of the day’s news delivered to your inbox. Briefs consist of about 10 of the day’s most popping news stories around the world. Simpson students can read the NY Times for free when they access it via the Dunn Library website.

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