Spotlight: Morgan Frideres

“Everyone says it’s who you know, and that’s the truth in my case,” said Morgan Frideres

The senior public relations major had her internship with Meredith extended through the spring semester. Frideres said her brother-in-law had connections and helped her get her foot in the door to this internship.

As Frideres nears graduation, she has advice for those seeking an internship and insight into the world of her work in a corporate setting.

Q: What are your duties at your internship?
A: I draft the weekly newsletter sent to Meredith’s New York employees, create social media posts for Meredith’s corporate Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, produce communication materials for Meredith’s Diversity & Inclusion committee and update the intranet and magazine covers on Meredith’s website.

Q: What are some things you’ve learned?
A: I’ve learned it’s so important to remember to be professional, but still personable at work, and that your co-workers are human, too. Like my mom says, “They get stomach aches just like you do.” Do your best at work, but remember that especially when you’re an intern or just starting out, it’s OK to not know everything. Your boss was once in your shoes too, so they understand. It may seem intimidating starting out, but it’ll get better. Just give it 110 percent. 

Q: What advice do you have for people seeing internships?
A: Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. If there’s a particular company you like but they aren’t looking for interns, email them anyway. Tell them you’re interested. The worst they can say is no. Also, it’s super helpful to have a portfolio ready to go for an interview. Some people create online portfolio websites, which are great, but it’s nice to be able to hand an interviewer hard copies of work you’ve done. Put it neatly in a binder so it’s ready to go.

Frideres said going to college near Des Moines made opportunities bloom.

“I would have never guessed that the company owns Better Homes & Gardens, SHAPE and now PEOPLE, is headquartered in Des Moines. Freshman-year me would have never guessed in a million years she’d be interning there,” she said.

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